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Share your voice! It takes only a few minutes to let your council members or mayor know you support affordable housing efforts in Park City. 

01  minute? Sign the Petition

Voice your support! petition

Help grow our community through affordable housing. Take a minute to sign the equal housing petition.

02 minutes? Share on Social Media

Spread the word! Share on Social Media

Take a moment to share affordable housing efforts on your social platforms. It takes less than 30 seconds to share your voice!

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03 minutes? Call Your Council Member

Call Your Council Member

Share your voice and call your council members to express your support for affordable housing in Park City. 

"Hello council member. I'm calling to voice my support for the Quinn's Junction Studio Crossings affordable housing development to help our community live where they work!"

Max Doilney Member.jpg

Council Member

Max Doilney

Becca Gerber Member.jpg

Council Member

Becca Gerber

Tim Henney Member.jpg

Council Member

Tim Hinney

Steve Joyce member.jpg

Council Member

Steve Joynce

Nann Worel.jpg

Council Member

Nann Worel

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Create housing opportunities for people of all incomes

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